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Who we are

We encourage a culture that promotes commitment

Grupo Cedrela is a provider of culture, education and adventure, bringing to the academic and corporate sectors an unforgettable experience in Central America and the Caribbean. The satisfaction of our clients has allowed us to have a team of professionals whose job is to impart knowledge and culture by means of adrenaline and adventure, to more than eight thousand tourists from Costa Rica and the rest of the world yearly.

Our story

Grupo Cedrela was launched in 1993 with the goal of teaching to the educational sector the rich variety of resources that our country houses. It started with educational field trips to provide a way of learning in contact with nature. The concern to preserve the biodiversity of Costa Rica invited us to design projects for groups and individuals to enjoy the experience of collaborating in environmental and social programs.

To promote integration, values such as teamwork and personal growth are embedded in our camping trips and gathering programs. Our corporate line of services is designed to reward the effort of your collaborator on any of our personalized activities.

Our Business Philosophy


Grupo Cedrela provides unique experiences through culture, education and adventure to national and international students and professionals, focused on the biodiversity that Costa Rica harbors.


Grupo Cedrela is a leading and innovative tourism team, being a competitive option for sustainability, learning and enjoyment in America and Europe.


Responsibility: We are committed to morally and ethically act correctly.
Puntuality: Discipline of being on time to fulfill our obligations.
Experience: Maturity and growth gained after every road traveled.
Security: We coexist under a system of rules that protects life in society.